💪 Solution

ChainEngine allows developers who are not familiar with blockchain tech stack, quickly build integration with blockchain.

To achieve that goal we offer the following tools for developers:

  • Unity SDK
  • JS/TS Server-Side SDK
  • Web frontend SDK
  • No-code tools to mint and manage in-game NFTs

Using those tools, developers can add the following functionality inside the game:

  • Onboard new players who don't have a crypto wallet with social login
  • Mint / Transfer / Airdrop / Sell NFTs inside the game
  • Perform all transactions in Gas Free manner, thus reducing onboarding friction for new users
  • Quickly start integration using No-Code tools for NFTs, no wallet is required from the developer to start building

:video-camera: Demo

🌎 High-level diagram

ChainEngine serves as a gateway between the application and the blockchain. Interaction is enabled through client and server SDKs.


⛓ Multi-chain

Our unified API enables building blockchain-based applications without locking them into a single chain.

Supported chains

  • Polygon
  • Solana (In Progress)
  • BSC (In Progress)
    The team is working on integrations with new chains.

👩‍💻 SDK

We provide Unity SDK, Web frontend SDK as well as Server-Side SDK in Javascript and Typescript which enables secured access to game data.

🔒 Custodial Wallets

ChainEngine provides custodial wallets for both players and game developers. This completely removes barriers to starting building and playing the game.

🔓 Non-Custodial Wallets

For experienced players, SDK allows connecting to a player's wallet and interacting with the game in a crypto-native way.

😎 Gas free

ChainEngine will be absorbing gas costs for transactions originating from the developer wallet to make experiences as seamless as possible.

💲 Marketplace

As a game developer, you can integrate NFT marketplace inside the game without any prior blockchain knowledge.

👩‍💻 Admin Console

We provide a tool for game developers to perform manipulations with NFTs, Players, and insights into on-chain transactions.