To start with ChainEngine, the developer does not need to have a wallet or buy cryptocurrency.

Upon registering with ChainEngine, the developer will get API keys to interact with the platform. To interact with the API, developers can utilize our Server-Side and Unity SDK. HTTP Rest endpoints are also available for developers.

The platform is also creating a wallet that belongs to the developer that enables interaction with the blockchain. The developer can interact with the wallet, like minting NFT and performing transfers without paying for gas. We are absorbing gas costs to make the experience as seamless as possible.

Wallets' private keys are stored securely in isolated environments to minimize the risk of exposure.

Getting Started

To get started with ChainEngine, the developer needs to register at Developer Console. It is where developers can create a game, manage in-game NFTs, get API keys, etc.

Security Model

To interact with the API, developers must obtain the API key and secret from the developer console. Please store your API on your backend, and do not expose the API key on client applications.

Our server-side SDK allows manipulation of the game developer wallet, which should be done only on the server. Our Unity SDK does not allow design manipulation of the game developer wallet.