How to use NFT Marketplace

🚀 A quick guide for you to start how to buy NFTs on ChainEngine Marketplace

Follow the guide below to buy NFTs on the ChainEngine marketplace, as illustrated in the image below:


All the steps in the process can also be done with our API or appropriate SDK.

📍 Step1: Mint NFTs

You can start minting NFTs by following the guide How to Airdrop NFTs to Players.

🔖 Step 2: Listing NFTs

To list a new NFT on the ChainEngine marketplace, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Game Details page.
  2. Select the NFT you want to list and click the Listing button.
  3. Fill in all the blank fields, then click the Create Listing button.



Receipt Wallet is your wallet that will be receiving funds. ChainEngine is not an intermediate party in the flow of funds. If you don't have a wallet, please create one, for example, you can use metamask.


💰 Step 3: Buy NFTs

As a player, to buy NFTs on the ChainEngine marketplace, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to our demo marketplace to see your listings (



Please note, that that marketplace is a demo application of Front-End SDK. All trading functionality is available in SDK and can be used as a Whitelabel solution for your own marketplace.

  1. Connect your Metamask wallet (Social Login through Google or other providers is also available).
  2. Click Buy Now and sign the transaction on your Metamask to purchase an NFT.

👛 Step 4: Check Wallet

Once the purchase transaction is confirmed, you will see an additional balance in your Metamask wallet. The NFT that the player has purchased will be delisted from the ChainEngine marketplace. Please see the image below for the details.


🔎 Step 5: Show NFTs Ownership

The player will see the NFT that they have purchased in the Unity game application. We are using a sample application that can be found here. The same can be achieved using our Unity SDK.



You can now trade your NFT items on your website!

Please, checkout our Server-Side SDK and Front-End SDK for complete information on how to build your in-game marketplace.

💬 Feedback?

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