How to Airdrop NFTs to Players

✈️ A quick guide for you to learn how to start airdropping NFTs to players.

Follow this guide to learn how to airdrop NFTs to players, as illustrated in the image below.


✍ Step 1: Sign Up and Create a Game

📝 1.1 Sign Up

To access the ChainEngine console, follow the steps below to Sign Up:

  1. Sign up here.
  2. Verify your registered email address.
  3. Login with your registered email address here.

🎮 1.2 Create a Game

The next step after creating a console account is to create a game on the ChainEngine console. Learn how to do that by following the steps below:

  1. Click the Create Game button on the left navigation panel.

  2. Fill in the blank fields, then click on the Create Game button.



Please upload the right image for your game, as the image will represent your game on the authentication page.


📥 Step 2: Mint NFTs

You can mint NFTs in three ways, i.e., via API, console, or Server-Side SDK.

To mint your NFTs from the console, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Mint NFT under the Game Details page.
  1. Fill in all the blank fields, then click the Mint Nft button.



Custom Props can be specified with your in-game items, such as effects or skins. This will be the unique attribute of your NFT.


🕹 Step 3: Integrate Your Game with the Unity SDK

You can integrate your game with the ChainEngine Unity SDK. To integrate the game with the Unity SDK, you can either implement SDK functions manually or use our sample application as an example.

Follow the steps below to integrate your game using our sample app:

  1. To set up the ChainEngine SDK in your game, put your Game Id into the ChainEngineSDK and save it.



You can get the gameId from the Game Details page.

  1. Click Save to save the configuration.

🔑 Step 4: Player Authentication

To airdrop NFT, you need to have the players' data. They must log in to your app first to be registered via our SDK. For details, please see the steps below:



The Unity SDK is a client-based SDK. Thus, it performs all functionalities from a player's perspective.

  1. Click the Login button. It will redirect you to the console authentication page.
  1. A player can authenticate using a social account or a non-custodial wallet such as Metamask, Coinbase, Trust Wallet, and Wallet Connect. We will create a custodial wallet for a player that logs in using their social account.

  2. This tutorial will show how a player authenticates using the MetaMask wallet. Click the I would like to log in using my wallet button.

  1. Click MetaMask and Login to your Metamask wallet.
  1. Click Sign to confirm the authentication.
  1. After a successful self-authentication, the player's profile will appear on the ChainEngine console.

🚀 Step 5: Airdrop NFTs to Players

You can now begin to airdrop NFTs to your players. You can airdrop an NFT to players via our API by using this endpoint or via our console by following the steps below:



Before proceeding with the steps below, please ensure that your players have the Mumbai network set up in their wallets.

  1. Navigate to the Game Details page.

  2. Select the NFT to airdrop and click on the Send icon.

  1. Fill in all the blank fields, then click the Airdrop button.

🔎 Step 6: Check the Players' NFTs

Learn how to check players' NFTs using the sample application by following the steps below:



Please Log into the game before proceeding with the steps below.

  1. Open the Sample App.

  2. Click on the GetPlayerNFTs button.


You can now verify the NFT ownership of a player.

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