Front-End SDK


ChainEngine is the simplest blockchain integration platform for a game
developer. We provide SDKs, API, and no-code tools to make it easy for a game
developer to start building NFT-based games.

To learn more about ChainEngine, please read our
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Quick Start

Chainengine Frontend SDK

Install and Setup

To install Chainengine Frotend SDK to your project:


npm install --save chainengine-frontend-sdk


yarn add chainengine-frontend-sdk


To use Chainengine Frontend SDK the only parameter you need to provide is the
Game ID

import { ChainEngineSdk } from 'chainengine-frontend-sdk';

sdk = new ChainEngineSdk(YOUR_PROJECT_ID);


In order to authenticate user, sdk.wallet.connect must be called. Uppon the
first call, our Provider Selector Modal is displayed so the Player can select
how he wants to authenticate.

sdk.wallet.connect MUST be called everytime your page is reloaded, but you
probable want to display the Provider Selector Modal only after an user
interaction, like when the user clicks on Login button.

In order to call sdk.wallet.connect() only when the user is already
authenticated, you can use sdk.isAuthenticatedOrPending():

if (sdk.isAuthenticatedOrPending()) {


After authenticating your Player you can interact with the other methods of the
SDK. Here is the options that are currently available


sdk.wallet.connect()Authenticates PlayerApiMode?Promise<void>
sdk.wallet.getApiMode()Gets connected ApiModeApiMode
sdk.wallet.getInfo()Get Player infoIPlayer
sdk.wallet.logout()Remove Player credentialsvoid

IPlayer example

 playerId: "40608c49-8a4f-4d0e-b7c5-11db9f0d58cb",
 walletAddress: "0x30B8dE91a8608c3000A28464Ddd4bB8b167F5C52",
 token: {
   sub: "40608c49-8a4f-4d0e-b7c5-11db9f0d58cb",
   walletAddress: "0x30B8dE91a8608c3000A28464Ddd4bB8b167F5C52",
   iat: 1665407792,
   exp: 1667999792,
 authProvider: "google",
 email: "[email protected]",
 phoneNumber: null


sdk.nft.getByIdGets a single NFT that belongs to the playerNFTId: stringPromise<IPlayer>
sdk.nft.getAllGets all NFTs that belongs to the PlayerIPaginated<IPlayer>
sdk.nft.transferTransfers a NFT to another Wallet{ walletAddress: string; nftId: string; amount: number; }Promise<void>

INft example

  id: "af32e3ed-0de6-4b46-aa5f-18ea21d7f921",
  contractAddress: "0x107aC429D35adAb2e08d7C487000B48B8BA618Cf",
  onChainId: "22",
  chain: "mumbai",
  transactionHash: "0x94ed526e3e1a873b16539eeaf95dc826923d61ff9ba8062c9586f4da4d8016b7",
  accountId: "a0d89369-5524-40c3-bede-cef445633451",
  gameId: "9b45ddac-1714-4af6-addf-4406e2bb054c",
  status: "ONCHAIN",
  metadata: {
    name: "Example NFT",
    description: "This is an Example NFT. It has a huge supply",
    image: "",
    attributes: null,
    URI: "ipfs://QmZa9mVH5HJFmoiS5tMTfQi3edbyWMjN9EtYKBBqhyrrMx"
  holders: {
    bf9aad6f-8851-400f-bb3e-1bcb4c1dad9a: 110,
    09c0682a-7f10-4f0d-b83f-fe41949f8458: 100,
    40608c49-8a4f-4d0e-b7c5-11db9f0d58cb: 100
  supply: 999,
  supplyAvailable: 689,
  createdAt: "2022-09-23T14:51:56.010Z"

IPaginated example

  page: 1,
  offset: 0,
  total: 10,
  items: [
      nfts: INft[]


sdk.marketplace.getListingsGets listings related to the GamePromise<ListingResponseDto[]>
sdk.marketplace.getListingGets a single ListinglistingId: stringPromise<ListingResponseDto>
sdk.marketplace.buyBuy a listing offerlistindId: stringPromise<ContractTransaction>

ListingResponseDto example

    id: "b87bf781-7283-4ddd-bba9-2eedd300d284",
    nft: INft,
    amount: 10,
    price: 1,
    receiverWallet: "0x359ea9Bc6d3c771d18905dB828ed5c4a655B61d2",
    protocolOffer: {
      parameters: {
        offerer: "0x59F06e983964bA5DD9b788f33fa1e5201b6BdDb3",
        zone: "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000",
        zoneHash: "0x3000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000",
        startTime: "1664999732",
        endTime: "115792089237316195423570985008687907853269984665640564039457584007913129639935",
        orderType: 0,
        offer: [
            itemType: 3,
            token: "0x107aC429D35adAb2e08d7C487000B48B8BA618Cf",
            identifierOrCriteria: "22",
            startAmount: "10",
            endAmount: "10"
        consideration: [
            itemType: 0,
            token: "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000",
            identifierOrCriteria: "0",
            startAmount: "1000000000000000000",
            endAmount: "1000000000000000000",
            recipient: "0x359ea9Bc6d3c771d18905dB828ed5c4a655B61d2"
        totalOriginalConsiderationItems: 1,
        salt: "0x00000000d86e742f62e10600",
        conduitKey: "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000",
        counter: 0
      signature: "string-with-signature"
    status: "active"