Custodial Wallets


Custodial Wallets allow the game developer to hide the complexity of wallet creation and interaction with players' wallets. This document describes a high-level custodial wallet solution.

Social Wallets

We provide a way for players to authenticate using a social network of choice, the first time the player authenticates with a specific social network a wallet is created for the player.


Our social wallets are scoped to individual games. In order for end-users to use the wallets on other dApps, end-users will need to export the private key and import them in a 3rd-party wallet.



Different Social Networks

Important to note that different social networks will result in different wallets. This means that the player will be a different user inside the game.

Transaction Signature Request

The same wallet will be used to sign transactions on behalf of the player.


Wallet Custody

Only the player has access to the wallet, neither ChainEngine nor the game developer has the ability to sign transactions on behalf of the player. Private Key management is implemented via security solution by our partners, ensuring high-security standards leveraging Hardware Security Module (HSM) in the cloud.


Please, check out our demo application for the wallet.

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