Why ChainEngine?

ChainEngine is the simplest blockchain integration platform for a game developer. We provide SDKs, APIs, and no-code tools to make it easy for a game developer to start building NFT-based games.

🤔 Problem

Game developers face major difficulties while integrating blockchain features into their games. As a game developer coming from the web2 world, it's a steep learning curve to start building blockchain-based games. Even after learning the basics of web3 development, developers still face difficulties:

  • 😖 Player onboarding is frustrating
    The player is required to have a wallet to start playing the game. It introduces a lot of friction for not crypto-savvy players.

  • 💰 New players are struggling
    Newly created players, who don't have any tokens can't interact with the game in full capacity. This creates a lot of friction for new players

  • ⛽️ Gas cost
    Game developers have to consider the gas cost while writing applications and paying for transactions, which can be tricky to implement. Passing gas costs to players adds additional friction to start playing the game.

  • 👮‍♀️ Blockchain infra layer
    Game developers keep re-building the blockchain layer of the game. Often it requires integration with multiple providers and a lot of work to combine pieces together.

  • 🧩 Smart contracts
    Many developers found themself re-implementing smart contracts that are common in gaming: NFT marketplace, loot boxes, crafting, etc.

👋 Solution

ChainEngine provides an abstraction with all necessary tools for game developers to integrate with blockchain faster instead of spending time rebuilding the same infrastructure.

To learn more about ChainEngine, please read our Overview or jump right into Quick Start